Urbanization is a fact. Hordes of people are moving to cities and huge amounts of new hip hotspots open up faster than you can say “quinoa”. We see this trend and want to address the challenges that come with it: how do I find hotspots that are perfect for me? At Urban Journalist, we see it as our mission to make exploring cities as easy and personalized as possible. This means that we want to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for people to find places in cities that exactly match what they are looking for. We think that's best achieved through each other, and especially between groups of friends. That's why we created a platform where people can share their favorite places. If both you and your group of friends use Urban Journalist, you can all help each other find the right hotspots! 

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We believe that partnerships are the key to growing your network and audience, as well as building a powerful brand. That’s why we are always looking for interesting companies and people to work with. So whether you're a company, startup, influencer, blogger or an enthusiastic entrepreneur, get in touch with us below and let’s make magic happen together!

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Connect with us and become an official ambassador! There are many enthusiastic ambassadors who actively use our app and who are part of the Urban Journalist community. We value our ambassadors by hosting events, featuring user content on our website or social accounts, establishing focus- and test groups, and by providing our top ambassadors with our “famous” Urban Journalist hat ;). So, start following our social accounts and get in touch below! 

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We are constantly looking for the right enthusiastic people to take part in expanding the Urban Journalist dream. Check out the vacancies below or let us know if you think you can bring something else to the table!