Discover and save the right hotspots with Urban Journalist. Finding hotspots through your friends and like-minded locals is the best way to discover hotspots that are perfect for you!

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Urban Journalist

Your personal app for exploring cities: discover the right hotspots through friends and locals, save your favorite places, and create a bucket list of the places you still want to explore. All in one free and easy to use app. 

Create your journals

Keep track of your favorite places in a city by saving them to your journal. You can make unique journals for different cities and customize your hotspots by adding photos and notes. This way you'll remember all your favorite places! Anytime, anywhere. 

Urban Journalist

Discover the perfect hotspots

Discover the right hotspots in cities around the world through your trusted friends and like-minded locals. Check out their journals and bucket lists to find hotspots that are perfect for you. Use our in-app map to see what places are near you.  

Urban Journalist

Create your bucket list

Organize the places you still want to explore in a certain city by creating your personalized bucket list. Get inspired by others and easily add hotspots to your own bucket list. 

Urban Journalist