NEWSFLASH: Create Your Own City Guide With The Urban Journalist App

Urban Journalist

When you’re exploring a new city, you want to know which hotspots or co-working spaces you shouldn’t miss. With the Urban Journalist app, you’ll never miss out on a city’s most amazing hotspots.

Urban Journalist has been up and running for a few months and is founded by Timo Bierens, Michael Meier, and Remco Couwenbergh. The app is the result of a problem that Timo occurred when he was exploring Mexico City in 2017. He was frustrated by the fact that there wasn’t a clear overview of interesting bars or restaurants he could visit. That’s why he decided to take matters into his own hands. Instead of complicated lists which you have to save at inconvenient places, and communicate ineffectively with your friends on WhatsApp, Timo wanted to create useful and clear overviews of hotspots in cities around the world.


Family Business

Timo is the one who came up with the idea behind Urban Journalist. Today, the company has developed into a real family business. Timo asked his cousin Remco and friend Michael to join, and also his sister, brother, and his sister’s boyfriend joined.

Urban Journalist started in the Netherlands. That’s why currently the most hotspots on the app are Dutch. However, the company has big dreams: in the future, they hope to become a platform that covers hotspots in cities throughout the world.



The app provides users with clear overviews of hotspots in a particular city, both in list formats and on maps. In this way, you can do the necessary research before departing for your city trip. The map function offers you a clear view of which hotspots are nearby, with the use of the filter function you can find the perfect place for you. This feature comes in handy when you’re searching for a good remote place to work.


City Guide

Urban Journalist is not only useful when exploring new cities, but it’s also a perfect tool to use to save your favorite places in your own city. When you’re on the move, you can add all the hotspots you like to your very own city journal, which are created for each city you visit. Use labels to categorise the hotspots you love and to keep your guide clearly structured.

The labels help both you and your friends in providing each other with great tips. In this way, you can easily see if a hotspot has a terrace, if they serve breakfast, the type of cuisine it has, or if they have vegetarian meals. Also, you can choose a vibe per hotspot. Let your friends know if the spot is cosy, party, chill, or just hip. Add photos to give your friends a really accurate impression of what the place looks like.

We can say goodbye to useless lists at inconvenient places of the hotspots that you like thanks to Urban Journalist. The app allows you to share your most favorite places with your friends effortlessly. Create your own city guides and keep track of the hotspots that your friends like. Each city will have its own page full of tips from friends, like-minded travellers, and locals.

Urban Journalist is currently only available on iOS, but the Android version will be developed soon.

Extracted and translated from Founders by T-Mobile NL. Written by Avalon Boots. Published 17th October 2018 [Accessed 20 October 2018]. Read the original article here.