Here’s Why You Want to Visit Copenhagen This Christmas

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Aren’t you getting tired of the greasy sausages on the Christmas markets in Germany? Or the lack of trendy coffee places in Oberhausen? Forget about Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Aken because this year, you jingle all the way to Copenhagen for your annual Christmas market visit.

From November 17 until December 31, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are transformed into a Christmas spectacle Kevin McCallister would be jealous of. The market is a big happening full of little shops and activities that will have your Christmas heart beat quicker like never before.

To ensure you’ll have the time of your life, we did research to awesome bars and restaurants in the Danish capital, to make sure you get the most out of your stay.


Breakfast + lunch

In the old city center you’ll find this fantastic gem. Whether you’re coming over for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, the peeps at this place always find ways to surprise you with their lovely dishes. The menu is chock full of healthy choices so if you want to tank in those vitamins after a gluhwein-filled evening, this is the place to be. More >


Breakfast + Lunch

If you’re a big oatmeal fan look no further: GRØD serves incredible porridge! You can design your own bowl, or trust these masters on their expert opinions and choose one of the many delicious choices on the menu. The lunch menu has more to offer than porridge alone, so there’s plenty of food to enjoy also if you’re not a big porridge fan. More >



Coffee + lunch

A visit to 42Raw shouldn’t be left out on your schedule. This popular joint uses organic products to create phenomenal meals. The owners are on a mission to make pure and organic food as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Their current offering shows the sky's the limit in their quest. The coffee at this place is also fantastic. More > 

Andersen & Maillard


The best espresso, cappuccino, or flat white in town are served at Andersen & Maillard. These coffee roasters only use the very best beans in the world in their machines. They also realize that excellent coffee deserves to be enjoyed with mouth-watering pastries. That’s why Andersen & Maillard has many home-made sweets that will have your taste buds dance with delight. More > 


Lunch + dinner

Mother is a little piece of Italy in Scandinavia. This Italian restaurant is a big hit amongst locals. All pizzas are prepared with love from start to finish, resulting in outstanding taste sensations. Just like a real Italian mother, the service at this place is off the charts as the staff makes you feel right at home. Eating at Mother is an experience you won’t forget anytime soon. Be sure to reserve yourself a table, because this place is booming. More >

Restaurant Gorilla


No places left at Mother? No problem. Gorilla is a real competitor of Mother: this inspiring place has a surprise menu of more than ten dishes, and boy are they delicious. Gorilla is extremely popular during the weekends as it fills up pretty quickly on Friday- and Saturday nights. Be prepared for adventurous sensations and aromas when getting over here. More > 



Väkst is another restaurant in Copenhagen that has all the ingredients to amaze you. Specializing in the northern European cuisine, this spot combines fresh vegetables with traditional meat and fish recipes. The excellent service and the impressive interior make for an ambience that you’ll be thinking of for a long time to come. More > 

Mikkeller & Friends


Looking for a lovely speciality beer? Mikkeller & Friends is your spot. In 2006, this bar was founded by a former math teacher who analyzed all the pluses and minuses of the brewing process. The result: a decade full of overwhelming beers and exciting aromas. Today, the beers of Mikkeller & Friends are exported to over forty countries worldwide! Hop on the adventurous path and let them surprise you with one of their unique brews. More > 



Curfew is a trendy cocktail bar with a traditional twist. This hotspot has a speakeasy bar character like the ones you find in NYC. With a sharp eye for detail, the guys behind the bar prepare good-looking cocktails that are off the hook. Throw in the friendly service, awesome interior, and unparalleled vibe, and you’ll see why it’s no surprise why we love this place. Don’t leave Copenhagen without visiting this spot. More > 



Another elegant bar where you can score tiptop cocktails is Ruby. This venue is a mish-mash of vintage looks and Danish design, which translates into a marvellous setting. They also serve really good wines and outstanding beers at this place, so there’s something for everyone. It can take a while before you’ve found this spot, but you’ll forget about the search as soon as you enter this hotspot. More > 



This is one of Copenhagen’s most outspoken venues. The Dandy has an art deco vibe like no other, and the music is matching the interior. This place combines grandeur, trendiness and killer cocktails to provide you with an awesome experience. It might be a bit tricky to get in as they usually want you to dress up real nice, so don’t forget your Sunday’s best. More > 

Copenhagen might come as a surprise as exciting Christmas market destination, but these hotspots will make sure there’s no place you’d rather like to be in December. Bon voyage!

Extracted and translated from JAN Magazine. Published 13th November 2018 [Accessed 14th November 2018]. Read the original article here


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