European countries have an insanely high number of energetic hotspots. Whether you’re roaming the historic streets of Rome, wandering down the Thames in London, or slowing this down underneath the Spanish sun, trendy bars and restaurants are everywhere.

That’s why we designed an itinerary for you based on some of our favorite bars and restaurants across Europe. Although it’s not a clear-cut round-trip of any sorts, we’re sure this list will inspire you to plan your next city trip.



This beautiful breakfast joint in Paris is pure finesse. Ob-La-Di has an interior like no other, and the dishes at this place are off the hook. The avocado toast is a fan favorite, and they serve incredible coffee too. Throw in the friendliness of the staff and you’ll see this place is lit.

Original Coffee


Although the name promises nothing fancy, Original Coffee serves coffee which is out of this world. In Prague, you find this amazing little coffee gem which combines a stylish and bright interior with a relaxing vibe. Try one of their homemade cakes because they go exceptionally well with a cup of their phenomenal mud.


Let’s make the jump to Scandinavia for lunch. Up in Copenhagen Kompa9 is the place to be for your mid-day meal. This Danish lunchroom has a great menu chock full of mouth-watering and healthy dishes crafted with an eye for detail. The welcoming and open atmosphere at this place works really well with the unique setting. 

Snickarbacken 7

Snickarbacken is a tip-top spot in Stockholm. This stylishly decorated brunch, lunch, and coffee bar has incredible food and drinks. Pastries, fresh juices, coffees, and outstanding salads; this place has it all. 

Sacripant Art Gallery


Add this place to the list of Europe’s finest cocktail bars! Sacripante Gallery is an elegant hotspot in Rome where inspiring art is combined with bright-colored cocktails. The service at Sacripante is first-class, and the music is always good. When in Rome, visiting this place is an absolute no-brainer.



This hidden gem is located on top of a parking lot and offers a tremendous view of Lisbon while you're sipping an ice-cold margarita. PARK offers a young and diverse crowd making the atmosphere excellent. Head over when the sun goes down because that’s when this place is booming.

La Gabinoteca

La Gabinoteca is a dynamic and authentic spot with excellent food. Make sure to get yourself plenty of tapas on the table because they are off the charts. The interior is on point and the vibe is awesome. Throw in their amazing selection of Spanish wines, and you know all ingredients are present for a marvellous night.

La Buvette  


La Buvette is a bit pricey-er than the other places on this list, but it’s worth every single penny. Just let the waiter or waitress know how many courses you’d like and let the chefs work their magic. You’ll be blown away!


La Bodega Negra

Mexican street food + unparallelled edginess = La Bodega Negra. This outrageous place is sizzling in the streets of London. They serve mouth-watering food and incredible cocktails. You're entering an underground sex shop, but that's part of the plan and the phenomenal experience!


Vintage Cocktail Club

If you want to get your nightcap at a somewhat more chique venue, Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin is the place to be. This retro-style cocktail bar has an interior that throws you back in time. The bartenders will set you up with a fantastic cocktail while you’re experiencing what it must have been like in the 1920s. You’ll love it.



If you’re looking to rock your socks off, KaterBlau is the place to be. As this venue tends to get packed rather quickly, be prepared to do some waiting before you can enter. Once you’re in, get ready for some of the best action Berlin’s night scene has to offer. KaterBlue is blessed with a phenomenal atmosphere, great music, and a lively crowd. Check it out!


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