8 Incredible Hotspots in Antwerp That You Should Check Out

Urban Journalist

Antwerp is a diamond just outside of the Dutch border. The medieval city has plenty to offer if you’re coming over for the weekend. From delightful coffee place and lunch rooms to authentic Belgian bars and outstanding restaurants, there really is something for everyone in Antwerp.

A Burgundian way of life characterizes this beautiful city, so be prepared for a time full of delights. In this blog, we’re zooming in on the hotspots that you should check out when visiting Antwerp.



Volkstraat 9

Looking for a place to kick-start your day? DIVERS is the ultimate morning hang-out. With a menu chock full of healthy delights, this spot will serve you up with your daily vitamins. Cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, and superfood, it’s all in the mix here. The interior is spot on, and the staff is extremely friendly.



Lange Klarenstraat 19

An excellent alternative for DIVERS is Coffeelabs. This place also has its fair share of pure and natural food and serves incredible coffee. Enjoy your morning cup of joe here, or come over for one of their delicious brunch and lunch dishes. Fresh products and a huge passion for food result in stellar dishes that are ready to amaze you.



Mechelsesteenweg 102

Bardin almost feels like home. This spot has a living room vibe and a huge backyard that the sun lights up on a bright day. The service matches this ambience effortlessly. This is the ultimate spot when you’re looking for a pleasant environment to enjoy some top-quality food in the afternoon. Did we already mention their amazing, Danish design style interior?


Hümm - House of Hummus

Kronenburgstraat 90

Another fabulous lunch place is Hümm. Hummus lovers gather here for their weekly dose of chickpeas. Besides awesome hummus bowls, this spot also serves incredible toasts and mouth-watering monthly specials. Hümm oozes a clean and trendy vibe and has plenty to offer if you’re vegan or vegetarian.



Grote Pieter Potstraat 21

WILD is by far Antwerp’s top dawg in the vegan/vegetarian scene. Get ready for insane plant-based dishes with a Mediterranean twist. The atmosphere at WILD is great as this small venue has an intimate and welcoming feel. They also serve magnificent cocktails and natural wines. Check it out!

Restaurant Fons

Nieuwstad 12

Visit this restaurant if you want to experience culinary Antwerp at its best. Restaurant Fons makes creative dishes with mesmerizing aromas. Fons is decorated stylishly and is known for the excellent, friendly service. Shoutout to their phenomenal chefs, these peeps are true masters of the cuisine.


Bar Palmier

Volkstraat 13

Palmier is an outstanding spot. This bar offers it all: from great beers and wines, to classy cocktails and an extraordinary vibe. But there’s more: Palmier also serves incredible food. No wonder why this bar is extremely popular. We challenge you not to like this place.


Dogma Cocktails

Wijngaardstraat 5

Dogma takes you back to the roaring 20s. The authentic sphere at this place makes it a perfect venue for a date, or quality time with your friends. This cosy and relaxed bar serves a killer Dark and Stormy, but almost every single one of the cocktails they make are insane. With a great eye for detail, the bartenders will set you up with a drink which pleases the senses. Great spot to visit.

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